✔Shell made from 100% modal fabric
✔Repels dust mite and bacteria


✔Nasa technology
✔Gel Infused memory foam
✔Microfiber replicates natural down feel


✔Modal Fabric has the ability to stay cool through the night
✔Gel-infused memory foam
✔Side mash promote continuous airflow for an easy, breezy night of sleep.


✔3 layering profile with different height
✔No mess adjustability
✔Hidden zip channel
✔Suitable for all type of sleepers


✔ The shell of the pillowis washable.

Making People Pillow

Perfect pillow start with education. We surveyed thousands of people to discover so many people share the same issues- overheating, back and neck pain, and even insomnia. We also do some test together with dr to get the right support. So, we use innovative materials and better yet, they should be customized to us for optimized support and comfort — all at a great price point.

About Us

We understand the issues driving poor sleep is very complex, because of the variety of factors that are unique to the individual – everything from your biochemistry, your living situation, temperature, stress….

One ofthe factor that make you had a poor sleep, PILLOW.

It’s not easy to fix with a one-size-fits-all solution. Hence, we customized the pillow height for you.

REST Comfort Pillow was specifically designed and developed for people who are worried about their pillow, just like the founder does.

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Customer Feedback

YH Lee

Great services and advisor on
choosing the "RIGHT" pillow. I got better sleep quality after start
using new pillow. Thumb UP and worth to buy!


Right now im still using it. Awesome pillow so far.Palingbagusboleh adjust level.

Dr Lim

Its comfortable and innovative
with 3 layers inside. i
can adjust accordingly on my sleeping position.