1. What is your sleep style?

There are several types of sleep styles for an individual even if the bedtime changes nightly or waking up at different times every morning. Your natural sleeping style is depending on the style that how you wake up. If you are a

Side Sleeper (Fetal)

A firmer pillow is required to support the head and the neck so that the space between the head and mattress is able to fill with the spine to maintain a straight and natural horizontal line. A thicker and firmer pillow is needed for someone who sleeps on the side than sleeps on the back. The broader the shoulders, the firmer the pillow needed for maximum support and comfort, which is why Rehst Adjustable pillow custom-fills every pillow to fit the individual.

Back Sleeper (Flat on your back)

A lower height firm pillow than a side sleeper is required to support the neck that should be in line with the spine throughout the night. This is the best posture for people who suffer from back pain as gravity keeps your body in an even alignment over your spine. This sleeping style also can help in relieving the hip and knee pain as the unnecessary pressure on the back and the joints can be reduced.

Front/Stomach Sleeper (Lying on your stomach)

This is the most stressful sleep style compared to the other two sleep positions. A flat and soft pillow is required to decrease the strain on the head and neck while sleeping lying on the stomach. Straining and bending of the neck throughout the night will result in shoulder and neck pain.

2. The difference between Rehst Adjustable pillow, Microfiber pillow, and Memory foam pillow.

Type of Pillow


Pillow Adjustable
Microfiber Pillow Memory Foam Pillow
Material Hypoallergenic Microfiber & Medical Grade Gel-infused Memory Foam (Hybrid materials) Microfiber Normal Memory Foam
Adjustment Adjustable Not Adjustable Not Adjustable
Cooling Effect Breathable andprovide cooling effectthroughout the night Getting hotter while sleep Getting hotter while sleep
Hygiene Washable Not Washable Not Washable


Rehst Adjustable Pillow makes by using hypoallergenic microfiber together with medical grade gelinfused memory foam to create a breathable pillow so that it could regulate the temperature of the head while sleeping. It’s an adjustable pillow which means the users can raise or reduce the height of the pillow by themselves.

According to the research from a certified sleep coach, it is recommended that the replacement of the pillow has to be done every 1 to 2 years to ensure the pillow that you are using is supportive, clean, and free from any allergen microbes. It is important that you wash the pillow and together with the case so that it will retain its loft and comfort for 2-3 years. Rehst Adjustable Pillow which uses a zippered washable protector cover allows the user to wash both of the pillow layers and the protector so that the user can enjoy a hygiene pillow that lasts longer for 2-3 years.

3. What is Gel-infused foam?

Gel-infused foam is the addition of gel microbeads, the temperature regulating materials into it to create a more breathable foam, that can provide a cooling effect while sleeping. It is constructed from the same viscoelastic material commonly found in regular memory foam mattresses, but it introduces one extra factor: gel. The millions of tiny microbeads infused within the foam, provide extra airflow to help in drawing the heat away from the body. Gel-infused foam is firmer than traditional memory foam as the gel-I fused foam is denser than regular foam.

4. What is the best position to sleep on the pillow.

Side Sleeper (Fetal)

Fetal style is the most popular way to sleep. It is recommended that this kind of sleeper sleep with two pillows, one underneath the neck, and place another pillow between the knees. Putting a pillow between the knees help in a better alignment of your hips to avoid low back pain. This sleeping style is also good for pregnant women. They may sleep lying on the left side and put a flat pillow under the abdomen as well to improve the circulation of the growing baby.

Back Sleeper (Flat on your back)

This is the most comfortable sleep style which offers the most benefits for health. A flat pillow is recommended to put beneath the knees to further alleviates back strain and relieve the pressure on your spine. This also may help in supporting the natural curve of the back. Besides, this posture is the best to protect your skin from wrinkles as this prevents the friction of your face with the pillow (the main reason for causing wrinkles) directly. For someone who is congested, you can add the layer of Rehst pillow to prop up yourself to make breathing easier.

Front/Stomach Sleeper (Lying on your stomach)

This sleeping style is only good for someone who snoring or with sleep apnea, or else, please avoid yourself for sleep in this position as this posture can cause neck and back pain. Besides that using a flat pillow while sleeping, the sleeper may also place a flat pillow under the lower belly or pelvis as it helps in reducing lower back pain.