Tossing your pillows in the washer and dryer is a fast, simple way to get your bedding basics in tip-top shape. To do this at home, you’ll need a front-loading, non-agitating washing machine so your pillows aren’t damaged. If you don’t have one, consider taking your pillows to a laundromat where you can use a large commercial washer.


  • Step 1: Remove the pillows from the pillow cover, if applicable, and check the pillows for any tears. Damaged pillows should not go in your washing machine since the fill material may come out. Set the pillow covers aside to be washed separately as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Step 2: Place at least two pillows in the washing machine at a time. You always want to wash two pillows together to keep the load balanced.
  • Step 3: Set the wash cycle to delicate and add the laundry products of your choice. Use cold water to avoid shrinking your pillows during the wash cycle.
  • Step 4: Wash your pillows on delicate and set the machine for an extra rinse. This will help ensure that no detergent residue remains after your down pillows come out of the washing machine. Allow the extra rinse cycle to finish completely before removing your pillows from the washer.



Tip: You can also use mild cleaning supplies to spot treat small stains on your pillows.